Microchipping Your XXS Dog

The law states that all dogs should be microchipped before they reach 8 weeks old or you will be fined £500. This applies to a normal dog, XXS dogs are been put at risk from certain vets and practices to ensure dogs are chipped.

I have heard and read a number of horror stories in relation to microchipping small dogs resulting in death or dogs having long-term effects such as brain or spinal damage. Microchipping a dog can sometimes bring upon varied effects such as temporary bleeding, hair loss, infection, abscesses and microchip migration. But the vast majority of dogs experience minimal or zero side effects from the implantation process.

All of our Tiny Stompers have been too small to be microchipped at 8 weeks, some of our dogs are still under 1kg in weight.

We obtained consent from our chosen vet to postpone microchipping on some of our dogs until they reach a weight and size that was safe.

I myself have taken one of our dogs to a vet clinic for advice the dog was under 300g and the vet was adamant that it was safe to put a microchip in the dog I had to walk out as I under no circumstances would allow the vet to put my dog at risk.

In the UK dog market, there are very very few XXS dogs on the market and vets rarely see dogs as small as ours, it’s shocking to them, so the knowledge of what happens to a dog of miniature size having a microchip is low.

You have every right to refuse a chip being put into a dog that would cause the dog harm or risk.

If the breeder you purchase your puppy from has not microchipped due to size this does not mean they are a bad breeder or do not care for the dog as some sites may advise you when buying a dog. It just means that they do not want to risk the life of the dog.

Obviously, if your puppy is not microchipped please ensure you keep them safe as with no microchip if they are stolen or run away they will not be able to be returned or tracked to you.

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