Keeping Your Bitch Clean When She’s On Season

Everyone knows how hard it is when your bitch is on season and you don’t want to ruin your floor, furniture, clothes with the discharge. We had this issue and due to our girls being XXS dogs, it is hard to find products that will fit perfectly.

First, we tried cutting up a sock to make the leg and tail holes, this didn’t work I spent hours and hours online searching for the right product that looks nice and keeps everything clean. Even with the bitches that are super clean and lick constantly, you can still get the mess.

I came across a product which looked beautiful, fit her perfect and did the job! Also, it fits her super tiny waggy waist. They are machine washable at 30° so it can be washed with everything else so they’re definitely hassle-free. They feature a practical elastic waistband to provide excellent fit and comfort to your pet. I bought Size (XXS) 15/20cm but they do other sizes also for bigger Tiny Stompers. They come in 3 different adorable designs (I had to buy them all!!).

dog knickers on season

“Heat” cycles vary, but average two to three weeks for most dogs. “Heat” should be considered, to begin with, the first signs of vulvar discharge, or when the female begins licking or paying attention to her vulva, the vulva will begin to appear swollen. It ends when all discharge ceases and the vulva has returned to its normal size.

The most notable sign is vaginal bleeding. This may not become apparent until a few days after the female has actually come into oestrus. Vulvar swelling should be taken as the first sign in addition to the female paying increased attention (such as licking the area) to her rear end.

Some females experience heavy vaginal bleeding during oestrus. If you are concerned, please consult your vet!

But these little knickers are a fantastic way for your bitch to carry on with day to day without you worrying about discharge and bleeding and no male dog can get past these panties!

Here is where you can get your own!

CROCI Hygienic Knickers Doggy Pants, Polka Dots, 15/20 cm, XX-Small

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