Long VS Short Haired Chihuahuas

There are two recognised chihuahua breeds long haired and short haired. Otherwise known as long coat and smooth coat chihuahua. Genetically they both are the same breed, but the main difference is their coat. The long haired obviously has a longer coat of hair that is of a smooth silky like texture and sometimes fluffy looking. The short haired chihuahua commonly known as a smooth coat has a shorter coat of hair which is not that smooth. The hair is fine and needle like.

The coat of a long haired and smooth coat chihuahua is generally opposite of what they sound. This is a mistake most people make when choosing which chihuahua to take home. Long haired chihuahuas are smoother to touch and actually shed less hair than their shorter haired counterparts. They will need brushing, around yearly trimming and grooming, but surprisingly a short haired Chihuahua will require more brushing and regular grooming.

There are a few things to consider before you choose which chihuahua is right for you. The first would be what sort of garden do you have if any? A long coat will pick up prickles and dried grass seeds in their coat which can be a real hassle to brush out all the time. Do you feel like cleaning your clothes and furniture often when your smooth coat chihuahua sheds hair all over them? Do you want to brush your chihuahua once a day or once a month? These things may not be of that much importance to you, but to some people they are. At the end of the day, they are both the same breed and either one will make a great companion.

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