How To Treat Hypoglycaemia In Chihuahuas

Hypoglycaemia is, unfortunately, a common condition in Chihuahuas and other toy dogs however it is very serious and must be treated quickly.

These XXS dogs can only eat a small amount of food at a time due to their small stomachs, so if they burn off more energy than food consumed it can make them hypoglycemic.

Hypoglycaemia an also happen when they get stressed (like going to a new home, nails clipped, bathed, vaccinations, etc) or if they play too hard using a lot of energy or miss a meal the fat reserve is used up and the body will begin to draw upon the blood sugar for energy, this is why Chihuahuas need to be fed little and often to keep the blood sugar up.

If the blood sugar levels become low you will notice the signs of hypoglycaemia, usually this will start with a sad forlorn look on the dogs face they have glazed eyes and look depressed, they then become inactive eventually staggering and lying down unable to move, which can sometimes look like sleep.  This sleep like condition will then turn into teeth clenching seizures, then coma then eventually death if left untreated.

The good news is that puppies can be treated if the signs are noticed early; most puppies that experience hypoglycaemia will outgrow him by around 16 weeks of age.

Firstly it is best to try and avoid hypoglycaemia by keeping the environment calm and as stress free as possible particularly in the first few days after leaving mum and siblings as this is a stressful time for your Chihuahua, Make sure puppy doesn’t get too hot or cold and doesn’t play too hard without taking a break to eat, also avoid bathing and nail clipping for the first 2 weeks in a new home.

However, if you do notice signs of hypoglycaemia it is essential you act fast.

Your puppy needs sugar, give your puppy some honey or sugary water which should bring him round, make sure he is warm enough and then as soon as he is able to eat offer him a meal, After an episode of hypoglycaemia it is vital that you stay with your puppy for the next 24 hours to ensure he stays bright and alert and does not become hypoglycaemic again. If your puppy does not perk up after giving sugar water or honey please either call me or your vet, as if left this condition can deteriorate rapidly.

This is a condition that we have come across a number of times in xxs dogs and we found little information on the best products to use in this situation. After some research, I have come across Tomlyn Nutri-Cal 4.25oz Tube for puppies. Will keep you posted if this is better than using other methods of bringing your waggy pal round.

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