Pedro "The Stud"

Tiny-T Chihuahua


Tiny T Chihuahua

Name: Pedro Occupation: 24/7 Stud Gender: Male Date of Birth: 25th January 2017 Location: Leeds Coat Length: Short & Smooth Coat Colour: Lilac Grooming: Once a week Loves: Dog Chocolate Buttons


Meet Pedro

After a long day of searching for the pawfect dog to join our wag family I fell across Pedro (previously named Taco) I instantly fell in love with his Mexican features and beautiful colour. At the time my partner was out at work so I phoned the breeder and begged she kept him until later that evening so we could go and view him. We went to view him at 10 pm at night, desperate to meet him! The lady brought him into the room and we instantly fell in love, weighing 700g it didn’t take us long to decide we scooped him up in a fluffy blanket smelling of his mum and took him to his forever home and on the way we back named him Pedro! A few sleepless nights to ensure he was all settled into his new home he has come on strength to strength. With a love for naps and cuddles and Tripe (unfortunately for us humans). He’s got a love for chasing the paw girls around the garden especially Bella they love to have wag fun all day.

Our Studs

We have pawfect stud boys with fantastic bloodlines Pedigree and Kennel Club.

We offer a wagtastic service in terms of booking in your bitch for studding. In our home, we have a perfect environment for the dogs to get to know each other or alternatively we are more than happy to travel to yourself at the cost of £1 per mile if this is something that would be more comfortable for your bitch.

Every dog is fabulous and different in their own way and we want to ensure we meet your need and your dogs for a perfect mating. All the dogs certificates and blood lines can be seen on the doggy profiles and we are more than happy for you to view while the dogs get to know each other.

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